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Company History

Managing Member & Owner:
Elizabeth Jane Baillie



Entered and established Plastic & Packaging Products.

The company started out as a company buying and selling packaging material, various PVC plastic products, specialized tapes, strapping and corrugated boxes.



It was in this time period that buying and selling plastic bags and packaging became successful. Our extensive market research indicated a large need for various companies for specialized tailor-made bags, boutique bags, bags with lip and tape.

The company invested in various bag makers and pneumatic foot sealers while still brokering various packaging materials.



An increase demand on products, we invested and purchased a second high speed, sophisticated bag maker that could cater for specialized bag making.

Further investigation prompted us to invest in 2 more high speed bag makers which can bottom weld, side weld, header seal, online score hole punch and hole punch bags.

Our next investment we purchased a 4 colour printing press.

A pre-owned extrusion plant came up for sale and we started extruding our own film.
To an ever growing market we grew even more. Our last investment during this period we purchased a Polypropylene extruder which can run up to 10 different sizes of polypropylene tubing.



Plastic & Packaging Products were now in a league of their own with an ever growing client base for demands and running 24 hour shift systems.
During this period we invested and purchased a 6 colour printing press and slitter re-winder.

We were on the right track with the investments made thus far.



With the increase demand for extrusion we invested and purchased four additional extruders so that film can be extruded for printing purposes.

By the end of 2013 we purchased a high quality CI Printing press to open doors to a new market.



We upgraded our plant with 2 new MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA bag maker machines. 1 side sealing bag maker and 1 bottom sealing bag maker.
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